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Your best friend is yourself.

Timesplitters Future Perfect is going to be the best FPS game that has ever hit the market.  But due to lack of popularity, not that many people may know about it.  But here are some quick high points Timesplitters FP has.
  • A constant 60fps (frames per second)  Yep, thats right! 
  • Online play modes.  Challenge your friends or join a clan!
  • 150 characters.  Yes, with 150 multiplayer characters, you may never play the same match twice.
  • Mapmaker-  Yes. the mapmaker is back and it's better than ever!  You can create your own outside maps.
  • Story mode has been revamped.  You can meet up with yourself to help you overcome baddies and solve puzzles.

Famous Quotes

"It's Time to Split!" ~ Sgt. Cortez

"Mister Giggles!  Wanna see my pocket!?" ~ Mister Giggles

"Bite my crunchy brown @$$!" ~ Gingerbread Man

"Do I have Red on me?" ~ Clip Clamp