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Welcome to my site of all things Timesplitters.  I will have useful information about the Timesplitters series.  I will also be discussing the news about the upcoming Timesplitter game, Timesplitters 3 or also called Timesplitters Future Perfect.
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Not only will I have Timesplitters info, but some video game reviews that I think are worthy of attention.  I will be reviewing PS2 games, but if you would like to, you may send in your own PS2, NGC, or XBOX (or Next Gen Console) reviews to me via the form below.

New Stuff I am adding.

I will try to post updates whenever possible.
Working on site.
Published site.
Going to make more pages.
  • TS1 Tips
  • TS2 Tips
  • Upcoming TS3 News

Have Any Suggestions???

I really havent been committing myself to this website in the last few days.  But in about 6 days that will change.  School will be out.
I finally posted the scores of Arcade League, and Challenge.  So far the only competitor is Sniper_W.D.  Can you beat his scores?
Added Timesplitters Anatomy page.
Added Tips 'n' Stuff Page.
Added Old School Games Page.  So far i am the only competitor.  Can you beat me?
Added D. J's Challenges page.
Added Weekly Top 5 Page.
Added Games and Cool Stuff page!  ENJOY!
Been a while since i last gave an update, so i will give a short summary.
Added Comics, Minigun Magazine, a couple mapmaker maps, a video game review (GTA: SA), TS2 story levels.
I will probably make a Timesplitters Future Perfect Page with a listing of the guns, characters, and levels, but it's not out yet.  But a little less than 2 weeks!
Again, it's been quite some time since i have updated the site.  Although the changes are not very big, i did make some (The clans on the right margin of the page have been removed.)  Been meaning to get at this for a while though.
Ive been getting so much spammage from those forms that were at the bottom of the pages.  Seems like spam could easily be sent through those.  I had over 100 of them in my inbox at one time, all of them saying "Viagra" or some other medication similar to that.  So, i decided to delete them.
Also, ive gotten out of the swing of updating this site, and im not playing the TS series as much as i used to.  So as of right now, i will not be accepting any more scores or anything to be used on this site.  Instead i'll be making my own home page with a blog and shoutbox, maybe a simple forum or something, i dunno.  But this page will be pretty much about me.  Don't worry, i won't be deleting this site, but i just won't update it anymore.
If you want to talk to me on MSN messenger though, my email is

Since the past breakup of the TS3 Future Perfect forums, I have lost track of all clans at this moment and im not really interested in the clans that much.  Even in DrkSnpr's Basement, nobody talks about the clans, so I have decided to stop posting the clans that are out there (if there is any clan capabilities, I dunno, I don't have online).  Sorry folks.
But if you look down right below this assortment of letters you will notice website buttons.  These are my affiliates, go to them, or else I will send my evil cookie minions of doom out to get you!


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