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Yup, your eyes are correct.  Comics.  They're not newspaper art comics, but are paint program comics.  Some are about Timesplitters, some about other stuff.  I don't have specific days when I make new comics, but I will try to get some made up.  Thanks.
(If there are some people from Stickman Arcade or other type of comic site reading this, I want to let you know that I do not want to copy off of you.  I have seen your work and it is 100% far superior to mine.  I just wanted to make my own comics for the visitors who do come by here.  So please don't sue me.  If you want to ask a question, my e-mail is .).

The Pilot


What's This in the Toilet?

5 Reasons to Dislike Buffets

Temporal Uplink Advertisement



Not what you would expect from MGS (Episode 1)

Our "Hero" (Episode 2)

A new evil awakens (Episode 3)

Red Shows a sensitive side (Episode 4)

The New Superweapon (Episode 5)

The Battle Part 1 (Episode 6)

The Battle Part 2 (Episode 7)