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These ain't your ordinary challenges!

You like to do challenging things right?  If you do, compete in D. J's Challenges!  From time to time I will post up challenges for you to complete, you then send in the score that you got, then put it into the form below.  I will only have 5 positions, 1st being the best.  I will post your scores on a separate page called Weekly Top 5.  You can only submit your score once. 
Visiting Day...Yeah Right!  (Challenge 1, Week of 7/18/04)
It has been 5 years since that dreadful day.  The day when the entire squad was wiped out with a terrible virus.  Nobody survived, except Capt. Snow (or Capt. of your choice, except Pain). Today he wants to go pay tribute to his fallen comrades.  But they have something else in mind.  They want to get back at him for leaving the squad to die in the cave while he looked for food.  When he arrived, he felt a strange feeling.  He called out "Hello?  Anyone there"?  No answer, except the sound of a steel door closing.  His heart then jumped.  He had no idea what is going on...
You- Any Captain Except Capt. Pain.
Them- Private Poorly (x1) 5-Star
          Sgt. Slate (x1) 5-Star
          Lt. Chill (x1) 5-Star
          Trooper Grey (x1) 5-Star
          Capt. Pain (x1) 5-Star
Objectives- Kill as many enemies as you can in the time limit.
Rules- No Radar
         Team Deathmatch (You vs. Them)
         Time limit- 5 minutes
         Character Abilities On
Location- Hospital
Weapons- Shotgun
                Shotgun (x2)
                Shotgun (x2)
Resident Weevil (Challenge 2, Week of 8/5/04)
It was an ordinary day for Bill Reed.  All the girls were checking him out, kept looking in the windows in the shops to see his reflection.  Then whenever he returned home, he saw on the news that a nuclear power plant a mile away was about to meltdown, and explode.  Bill quickly took cover, but it was not enough.  The explosion tore apart Bill's house and Bill was thrown several hundreds of feet away.  Bill thought he was a goner, but he opened his eyes to see he was still alive.  There was a pond near him, and Bill could only think of his appearance at that moment.  What he saw shocked him, HE HAD HALF THE APPEARANCE OF A MAN, AND HALF OF A BEETLE!  But what he saw next took away his thoughts of an ugly appearance.  He saw mutated men, and zombies coming towards him.  He ran into town, but found more.  He quickly rushed to the construction site to escape them, but found himself cornered.  He saw guns lying on the ground.  He had no choice.  THE FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL IS ON!!
You- Beetleman
Them- Crypt Zombie (x1) 5-Star
          Sewer Zombie (x1) 5-Star
          Feeder Zombie (x1) 5-Star
          Hybrid Mutant (x2) 5-Star
Objective-  Kill as many zombies as you can in the time period.
Rules- No Radar
          Team Deathmatch (You vs Them)
          Time Limit- 10 min
          Character Abilities
Location- Site
Weapons- Shotgun
                Shotgun (x2)
                Grenade Launcher
Sorry that this one is very similar to the last one.
How the Cookie Crumbles (Challenge 3, Week of 8/5/04)
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eliminate the cookie menace.  He has been doing terrible things to our other members.  Torture, dunking them in hot milk, heating them in ovens, and other things i dare not mention.  A Helicopter will send you and your 1 man team to the insertion point Alpha.  There you will recieve weaponry, and other supplies.  YOU HAVE 10 MINUTES.  Watch out, intel suggests that Dr. Gingerbread has made clones of himself.  These are not to be underestimated.  Proceed with caution.  (This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds).
You- Any character except Gingerbread man. And a teammate to help.
Them- Gingerbread Man (x6) 5-Star
Objective- Kill as many evil cookies of doom as you can in the time limit.
Rules- No Radar
          Team Deathmatch (Your Team vs. Them)
          Time Limit- 10 minutes
          Character Ablities
Location- Chinese
Weapons- Crossbow
                Grenade Launcher
                Soviet (x2)
For all you Gingerbread man haters out there, have fun with this one!
Send your score to me.  You can try to improve a score before you post it.  Once you post it, it's official.