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Timesplitters: The original.

This is the one that started it all.  The FPS craze that many people worldwide love to play.  TIMESPLITTERS!
If you don't exactly know what Timesplitters is, or have heard of it but are not sure you should buy it, I will guide you.
Timesplitters is a FPS(First Person Shooter) game that is created by Eidos and Free Radical.
There are many aspects to the game that should be recognized.
Such as...
  • Many weapons.
  • Many Arcade Maps
  • The ability to create your own custom map.
  • Many playable characters.
  • Three difficulty levels in story mode for an extra challenge.
  • Many unlockables.
  • Cheats (Paintball mode, wierd gunshot noise mode) Many more.

This is one of the best FPS games out there.

So if you want to know if to buy it or not, I think you should.  You can probably find it at an Electronics Boutique, or other Video Game store used.

I bought mine for $10.00 used!! :)