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The Prodigy Returns!

Timesplitters 2 is not exactly the sequel to the first, but is like an add-on sort. 
Has many features worth recognizing as well.
  • Old School Characters
  • Levels from the First TS
  • A better Story mode with cutscenes.
  • Better mapmaker (Create your own story as well)
  • Many more Characters
  • Cheats are good.
  • Arcade League
  • Challenge mode
  • Over 11 Game modes for Custom League

Forgive me if I am forgetting anything.  If I am, send a comment with the form at the home page.

Should you buy it???

YES!!!  Very supurb FPS game. NO QUESTION.  But you don't have to if you don't want to.  Your choice.

TS2 Rocks!!! 10/10!!