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TS2 Story Levels


These are the levels that you will explore on your journey to eliminate the Timesplitters.
1990 Siberia
Location- Russia
Info-Security cameras everywhere, zombies and mutants in the dam, collect Anaconda Cart.
Player 1- Ilsa Nadir
Player 2- Gregor Lenko
1932 Chicago
Location- Illinois
Info-Mobsters are looking for you, kill Big Tony, drain Whisky Barrels.
Boss-Big Tony.
Player 1- Jake Fenton
Player 2- Lady Jane
1895 Notre Dame
Location- Paris, France.
Info- Zombies are main enemies,  Rescue Maidens before zombies kill them, watch out for Changlings.
Bosses- The Cropolite, Jacque de la Morte
Player 1- Viola
Player 2- Mr. Underwood
2280 Return To Planet X
Location- Planet X
Climate- Hot?
Info- UFO's are on you like white on rice, destroy UFO's, kill aliens.
Boss- None
Player 1- Hank Nova
Player 2- Candi Skyler
2019 NeoTokyo
Location- NeoTokyo, Japan
Climate- Rainy
Info- Sneakyness must be used to enter facility, collect Astrolander Cart in Normal mode.
Boss- Sadako
Player 1- Ghost
Player 2- Chastity
1853 Wild West
Location- Western US
Climate- Hot, dry.
Info- Get Ramona Sosa out of jail, and clear her name.
Boss- The Colonel
Player 1- Elija Jones
Player 2- Ramona Sosa
1972 Atom Smasher
Location- Khallos' secret base.
Climate- Indoors.
Info- Quickly get scientists to deactivate bombs.  DO NOT FIRE AT BOMBS!
Boss- Khallos
Player 1- Harry Tipper
Player 2- Kitten Celeste
1920 Aztec Ruins
Location- Mexico
Climate- Humid, Hot.
Info- Look for monkeys, Watch your step inside temple.
Bosses- Many Stone Golems, maybe Wood Golems
Player 1- Captain Ash
Player 2- Jungle Queen
2315 Robot Factory
Location- Earth
Climate- Indoors.
Info- Camerabots can be your friend.  Do not hit Red Lasers with your Electrotool.
Boss- The Machinist
Player 1- Gretel MK II
Player 2- R-109
2401 Space Station
Location- Space Station.  Outer Space.  Outside the planet of Quadra VII.  (Made up planet name.)
Climate- Mostly Indoors, do not go outside without a suit. (Inside Temp- 72 F) (Outside Temp- -454 F)
Info- Timesplitters are everywhere, destroy Timesplitter ships.
Bosses- I guess you could say the Timesplitters were the bosses.
Player 1- Sgt. Cortez
Player 2- Corp Hart